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Poem – Return

Returning to the fields where it all started so many years ago. It was here I decided which path I would take and to never look back, even when the sun falls and the fields are obscured with shadows and mist.

Poem – Direct Dreams

In the fractured sleep of night’s immersed in dreams based in nothing familiar or known, one word repeated over and over – direct. I watched power-less as background images of tall buildings, lattice, and cross-stitched patterns rotated and approached my view with ever increasing velocity. At the end (or beginning) of a tunnel bathed in […]
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Poem – Across The Sea

Across the black sea I see nothing with these eyes and I stand here not as I see myself and not as I desire to be but as the being accepted by the water. Across the see littered with fragments I am but a whisper cast from mountain tops. I hope with every last shred […]
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Poem – Who am I?

With the lazy moon early in the morning I opened the door into the waiting darkness and startled my shadow hiding near the trees. I ran toward where I thought it was and dove trying to catch a piece a fragment of this image of who I thought I was.

Poem – See, Turn, and Return

(1) What defines the human spirit when we are pushed to our limits? What ghosts are we chasing through day and night? Are ghosts chasing us through valleys and up mountains? (2) I see the moon in a dewdrop, does the moon see me? I look across the river as the black wolf approaches. I […]
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Poem – Shadow

Scattered dreams forgotten at first light. A vague cloud follows. Trees bend at impossible angles the air wavers and shimmers. I walk the dirt path worn from ancestors and ancient methods. Morning light through the tree canopy casts fragments across my face. I cannot help but feel I am being followed by a shadow of […]
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Poem – A Plea, part 2

I see you in fragmented dreams images from a life I have not lived unfocused faces and voices mouthing words I cannot hear. I see images on billboards and movie vignettes where touching moments break through the wall 20-years old. I see you in rare dreams sourced from beyond this life, beyond the choice I […]
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Poem – Excerpt from Beyond

The following is an excerpt from the upcoming book “Beyond the Border Kingdom”. I look over the empty sea void of waves and ships and imagine you walking from the horizon toward me, gaining shape and definition, yet still a shadow, a faceless being that I have attached the label of “you” to but my […]
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Poem – Mountain King

Mountain shadows swallow the valley. A single path cuts through dense and overgrown vegetation beneath the ancient forest and persistent shining moon. Millions of years have passed unnoticed to the solitary figure walking alone down this path. He has not rested, has has not slept. He has met no other being. He is the mountain […]
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Poem – Voice with no Voice

The last drag taken slowly the cigarette fading beneath the black sky free of clouds and moon. The last puff of smoke masks the face of an unknown man desiring anonymity as he watches from a distance. He cannot bring himself to emerge from the shadows as the pain courses through his body and his […]
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