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  • Poem – Simple

    A quiet evening as the dust settles and chaos is held at bay, watching the sunset with nature’s creatures. Simple. These moments defining a life provide peace and a bit of knowledge grounding our place to and within the world.

  • Poem – Finding Home in the Chaos – Part 4

    These simple moments of nature’s gentle cycle coupled with the raw energy exhibited here and beyond humble this man juggling chaos looking for simplicity looking for answers to questions I have not asked.

  • Poem – Finding Home in the Chaos – Part 3

    Sometimes when I see the midnight moon over the superior waters I imagine, if I reach for enough from the shoreline I can catch the beams in my palm. The iced shoreline captures and holds the moon just long enough for me to taste the ancient light and remember my roots far beyond any physical…

  • Poem – Finding Home in the Chaos – Part 2

    We hike for hours, having left the flat fields, the trail twists and turns toward a peak overlooking a wide valley filled with trees past their peak. The valley empties into a lake filling horizon with what is discarded, what is no longer useful here, to be dispersed out to sea into the cosmos. Darkness…

  • Poem – Finding Home in the Chaos – Part 1

    Winter rain slowly melts the little snow recently fallen. Sidewalks and streets are wet the trails are becoming mud. The puppies stare out the sliding glass door across the greening yard, at the pond turning from ice to water.

  • Let the images hold your attention, and allow a break form the chaos.