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  • Poem – Revolution Rooted in Ancient Lands

    40 Days become 40 years and the revolution/transformation I began culminates from the mountain peak. Into the valley life flows as the new sun rises over the range. Caribou continue their thousand mile trek across vast swaths of land following their ancestors hoofs. I teeter on this ridge and see beyond the glacier fed waters…

  • Poetry – Sun Rises

    Sun rises over mountain peaks after 40 days of darkness and despair. We sing, dance, and cry while the mountains darkness subsides and the peak, birthplace of our gods, appears.

  • Christmas Day, Lutsen

    Christmas Day brings thoughts of family, friends, beliefs and what helps us to get through each day. We headed north into the cold and snow to spend the time within nature, at the beckon call of deer and raven, and fell asleep each day to the methodical splashing of water on the frozen shoreline. Rising…