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Poem – Red Dust (Beyond)

New poem from the “Beyond” series. I awake covered in red dust after the storm passed. In the depths of the crater the sun shone dimly over the edge. I see you left without me moving beyond the fractured surface. There is no blame. There is now only me. Beyond the mountains the sun rises […]
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Poem – Beneath the Surface, On the Edge

A follow-up to a previous post – Beneath the Surface What lies beneath the surface, the playground of ancient times, lands ruled by survival, raw and primal, we forever live on some edge with a defensive posture ready to protect at all costs. That slippery edge of snow and ice straddling deep valleys, like the […]
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Poem – Beneath the Surface

I keep it within reach just beneath the surface. It is always awake with eyes open watching me and ready to arise at the simplest command always there beneath the surface. Time has not soften the beast. Time has not taken away the power. Over and through the years I have learned to control when […]
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