Tag: temporal

  • Poem – Temporal

    Passing beneath and over bridges the road opens into the sleeping city. Distant streetlights reflect off glass windows while a train emerges from perfect darkness and motors south and east. Silence returns and the monotonous driving becomes temporal when the new moon reaches from beyond the earth appearing as an orb of legend.

  • Poem – When Darkness Becomes All That We Know

    Grey infused frozen water consumes the last light before the fields darken. Distant planets follow me from dawn until dusk and a new world emerges where I have become one with beings and energy I do not understand yet make sense at levels I did not know existed. I left my field years before I…

  • What is this Made of? (Draft)

    Life events and the daily grind have eased a bit, so I thought I would post a draft of this new piece I started a couple of days ago.  For the time being, I am posting these type of pieces both here and at Quantum Awareness until each finds their unique identity. If all moments…