What is this Made of? (Draft)

Life events and the daily grind have eased a bit, so I thought I would post a draft of this new piece I started a couple of days ago.  For the time being, I am posting these type of pieces both here and at Quantum Awareness until each finds their unique identity.

If all moments consist of or
consume three temporal entities –
what process exists and guides
the infinite energy moving at
and beyond the speed of light?

Laws govern systems.

Systems exist on and beyond
known and unknown planes.

Planes exude and project
the physical manifestation
of the observer,


beyond the surface
past various substrates
nervous, kinetic energy is at play.

Laws govern systems.

Systems designed and intended
with a purpose in mind.

What if the environment,
a primordial soup, changes
direction, temperature, velocity,
mass, its intention? What then
will the system do?

Assumptions made and verified
through experiment become a
standard, become what the future is
pinned against. Over time
questions become lost and inquisitive
minds have passed or moved their
effort elsewhere.

What if the fundamental laws are wrong?

What if the environment has changed?

what if we are wrong? Is belief enough?

What happens to the fragile psyche?


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