Empty Fields, 1

I must transcend beyond here, beyond everything I have done.

I am walking lost around this infinite plane. The gods are ever watchful. Their past ever following and hiding when I turn. At times I reach further and see the next level before my past grabs my legs and pulls me back to this field not empty. But now scattered with blood and faces. I stand in the room where five paths lead into darkness, lined with fire and when I reach the room each path now a mirror and I see five versions of me.

The priestess welcomed the hooded one but I did not believe the words I heard. I did not want to believe the truth.

The denial I brought here collides with the light assimilated and destroyed. I have but a quantum second to let go or suffer the same fate.

The porcelain doll with blue eyes polished and clear a reflection of the autumn sky turning black. Fast moving black clouds erupt from the churning ocean.

Eyes closed I see more of what the doll sees – an expression of fear over the molded face.

And the clouds opened cleansing cobblestone streets of blood and the remains of each previous day. Those that survive the 40 year flood shall walk into the waiting sun.

A lone figure stands before the cracked mirror. Nothing.

Look to the sky and I know which direction to take.

The path before me of sand, shells, and fragmented words gives nothing away.

I see the darkening sky of orange infused grey and I remember you from the distant past, an ancient time when our love was forbidden and we ran away ran until we emerged upon the empty fields where our love was sealed for eternity before they arrived.


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