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  • Tree on Cliff

    Tree on Cliff

    We have been visiting this location on Lake Superior for 10-years. Through every season and every weather pattern. Regardless of what is happening and going on around me, I always come back to that tree. On the cliff above the turbulent waters, standing tall against the wind, drenched in summer rain, or encased in ice.…

  • Poem – Into the Shadows

    Poem – Into the Shadows

    Holding up the sky as morning settles into the fields. We pass beneath the ancient canopy and quietly fall into its shadows.

  • Poem – Empty

    With an empty mind free of obstructions we can see and hear everything. Each leaf in the tree canopy – each breath across the sea – each grain of sand. Walking across the empty field we hear each foot step and see the wolf before it sees us.

  • Poem – Beyond Control

    I move across the empty fields toward the tree line and pause. There are shadows and things unseen at work as the sky bends to will of the forest. There is an energy flow through everything and if I clear my mind I see ten thousand beings and the light they cast down the path.

  • Poem – Hope

    As the sun sets on another day and the weight of each person’s burden, responsibilities, and hopelessness reach a tipping point there is the outside view into the mind of each tree into the soul of nature into the womb of the universe.

  • Poem – What the Fields Hide

    Leaving behind the city we pass the line separating concrete and dirt path. Recent snow has hardened and crunches with each step. I pause and silence myself and hear ravens nearby. I pause and hold my breath and imagine what secrets are beneath the empty field.

  • Poem – Closer to Home

    The present reality defined by actions and the current environment. Layer upon layer the past still present the future a passing breath. Morning sun filtered through the spring trees as the rain has finally fallen and leaves turn and fill in the space left by the previous dead, winter, dead. A slow walk on the…

  • Dogs of Spring #3

    Spent the weekend chipping fallen trees and pulling stumps. Had enough time leftover to spend with the evening sun, the pine trees, and these two.        

  • Dogs of Spring #2

    The day after clearing part of the forest, me and the big dog enjoyed a leisurely walk beneath the clear and sunny sky. The early evening when the sun is below the tree-line provides lively shadows and hidden light scattered throughout the space between each tall being.

  • Poem – Matter

    Sitting on the warm patio the afternoon sun is calm and soothing. The wind from the north is strong and cool – we shade our eyes. The grass recently lost its cover and the yard is brown and crunches beneath dog’s feet. The sky is blue and filled with black wings – we watch ravens…

  • Poem – The Dark Drifting Upon the Snow

    Winter evening in mid-December. The sun set hours ago and cold is descending from the heavens, there are no clouds and the moon is hidden. The only sound is my feet and the running dogs. Down a hill we slide and stop before the tree line. An expanding presence darkness fills the space between trees,…

  • Poem – Shelter

    Tall guardians of sticks and leaves. The winter sky weighs heavy on the canopy. Rain appears from nowhere and everywhere the ground becomes the horizon. The faster I run up and down hills in circles and through fields of grass I am still myself and I still exist in this form but where this is…

  • Poem – The Day Wisdom Came from the Clouds Above

    (1) Summer months fell into the autumn. Mist clung to pine before the sun rose. Brown needles falling from the sky slide down the barn’s green metal roof. We walk past fallen trees, piles of brush, two tree stumps to be removed, knee-high patches of weeds and wild flowers, a bat house, three thistle-filled socks,…

  • Holding Up the Fall Sky

  • Poem – Machines That Move Earth

    (1) Putting aside hollywood notions of machine versus man – September morning is hidden in fog, coated with an early frost. Subdued sun scattered across fields, meadows, and prairies. The sky becomes the land becomes the horizon. We head north, leaving behind city lights and traffic for pine trees and winter in the air. (2)…