Tag: white petals

  • Poem – Memories

    Memories of distant surfaces of planets I have not seen. Mountains beyond the eyes reach and multiple suns that never set. Where is the place beyond the known expanse of space? I see white petals falling into the black water over and over and over. I stand at the confluence and water washes over my…

  • Poem – Wonder

    Steeped in the still black waters I see the white petals fall from the empty sky and I wonder with amazement, where do they come from? On my knees I pray not to a named deity but to the infinite canvas filled with stars and planets and know there must be a reason and wonder…

  • Poem – Nowhere

    I walk the path half here and half there that place that has no name and when I close my eyes I become engulfed in the falling white petals from the ancient sky.