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  • Poem – Streetlights

    On the long dark road surrounded by tall trees we slowly passed zombies standing like burnt out streetlights. Surrounded by silence except the tires on asphalt they did not move or blink while we stared. Hours later we still were uncertain if they were real or forgotten nightmares emerging as signs.

  • Crazy For the Undead

    Crazy For the Undead: An Analysis of Zombies In the American Consciousness By Justin Teerlinck The circumstances vary from film to film, but you know the drill.  An epidemic or a government-created virus causes the dead to become “undead,” violent cannibals who wander aimlessly seeking only prey on living human beings.  So why are Americans…

  • Coming soon…

    I will be posting an essay about zombies, written by my good friend Justin Teerlinck, here and at Stone Path Review.  Stay tuned.