• Bus 142 Hauled Out of The Wild

    Bus 142 Hauled Out of The Wild

    The famous Bus 142 was hauled out of the Alaskan Wilderness on 2023-06-18 and placed into storage near the University of Alaska, Fairbanks. More information here at Outside Online: The ‘Into the Wild’ Bus is Now in a Museum (outsideonline.com)

  • History of Bus 142

    History of Bus 142

    From the University of Alaska – Museum of the North – a podcast featuring information about Bus 142. After military usage and time in the Fairbanks transit system, Bus 142 was a well-used hunting camp near Healy, Alaska. Jerry Freel’s family relied on Bus 142 in this way. Bus 142 – Hunting Cabin

  • Emerging from a slumber

    Emerging from a slumber

    It has been a few years since posting or writing anything here. I feel like this bear and trying to gain some balance in the first light. The next couple of months I’ll posting a few things related to Alaska from a few viewpoints. Stay tuned.

  • Golden Path

    Golden Path

    Long has it been since I touched these rocks and waters,weighed down with burden and future thoughts. Searching for answers in the turbulent seas,I venture into the cold morning with a mind waiting. Rocks near the water in a constant struggleof freezing and thawing as the sun emerges. Stepping from rock to rock to ledgeI…

  • Distant Guiding Light

    Distant Guiding Light

    Descending into winterdeceiving clear skiesgive way to earth curlinginto itself for warmth. Breaking trails through fresh snowascending from the empty fields,the way surrounded by grass opensand the guiding light appears.

  • Moving Forward

    Moving Forward

    Another year coming to a close.Another obstacle is looming in the night. The truth is difficult to see through the fog and mist.I lose myself in the storms and barrage. Reflection upon what matters most is heightened.I turn inward to those close,To those weathering the hurricane,and moving forward against the odds. Stepping back amidst the…

  • Gathering in the Woods

    Gathering in the Woods

    We take leave and the forest fills with silence and evening light. Soon the ground comes to life as nature gathers before sunset.

  • Pushing Through

    Pushing Through

    Pushing through the pain we see the end. Our vision expanded beyond our sphere. Perhaps we see the next milestone that offers a glimmer of hope. A sign post that we are almost there and on the other side across the chasm we are a better version of ourselves individually and collectively ready for the…

  • Rote & Ritual

    Rote & Ritual

    Personal introspection and new music to get through the day from my friend at The Day on Fire. Rote & Ritual

  • Fracture 93: Moving the Future into the Present

    Fracture 93: Moving the Future into the Present

    (1) There, there I see you – walking along the shoreline,the sun is your companion. The ocean wind is relentlessyou continue walking into the headwind. I see pieces of you fall away and in turnthe fragments begin following you. I close my eyes and see a version of youthe you of another time. Each fragment…

  • From the Ashes

    From the Ashes

    Stripped to our raw selvesshed of armor and protection. Chaos and denial slowlyreplaced by thought and cooperation. The defining characteristics of humans,what makes us unique and capable, surfaces through the darknessand with glorious irony what forces us apartbrings humanity closer together.

  • If Jackson Pollock was a photographer – #21

    If Jackson Pollock was a photographer – #21

    I imagine one his photographs might look like this:

  • Silent Objections

    Silent Objections

    The calm water reflects the coldmorning sky coming on-line. Pierced by raven calls and lulledby rolling waves. Fragments I carried herebegin to slip into the water. The cold and water I have come to embraceas years have passed, has not changed. The same stones mark the way to an ice covered shorelineand that tree has…

  • Standing in the Backyard of Childhood

    Standing in the Backyard of Childhood

    The dirt. The stars. Nearing midnight in late summer. A glimpse, fleeting thought, of that person I was. Standing on the patio lost in the sky, wondering what else is there. Feeling I did not fit here, did not belong, hoping there is a home out there, beyond the stars.

  • A Slow Start to 2020

    A Slow Start to 2020

    As 2020 emerges from the cold waters, we take stock of the previous year. It feels as though time is speeding up, the older we get. The truth is, we are squeezing more from each moment, reaching out beyond ourselves, enriching the experiences we have, and walking more in-step with the world. Looking back, I…