Poem – Guided By Wolves

In the last dream of this life
I watched the white wolf walk away.

In the first dream of the next life
I watched the black wolf emerge from still water.

With my first step across the empty field
I knew I was granted another life,

more time complemented with the experiences
and another chance at my purpose.

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First flight with Autel Robotics

This past weekend was the first flight with an Autel Robotics X-Star Premium. After a couple of hard landings that turned it into a weed whacker, a successful flight and photos along with a safe landing ended the learning for the day.



Poem – Memories

Memories of distant surfaces
of planets I have not seen.

Mountains beyond the eyes reach
and multiple suns that never set.

Where is the place beyond the
known expanse of space?

I see white petals
falling into the black water

over and over and over.

I stand at the confluence
and water washes over my feet.

I kneel at the confluence
and purple light washes over my body.

2016-01-02 07.36.23

Poem – Across the Field

Across the field
I see the same
material we are made of
born of the stars out there.

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Poem – Possibilities

The empty field and the
distant infinite horizon
lay claim to nothing
except possibilities.

At my feet the path is open
and waiting for the first step.

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Photos from Colorado, 2009

Some long overdue photos from a 2009 road trip to Colorado.
Colorado-2009 454

Colorado-2009 438

Colorado-2009 429

Colorado-2009 412

Colorado-2009 384

Colorado-2009 383

Colorado-2009 378

Colorado-2009 343

Colorado-2009 314

Colorado-2009 282

Colorado-2009 274

Colorado-2009 271

Colorado-2009 265

Colorado-2009 186

Colorado-2009 156

Colorado-2009 101

Colorado-2009 075

Colorado-2009 057

Colorado-2009 023

Colorado-2009 014

Colorado-2009 006

Poem – Destiny

As the rain subsides
and the sky fills with birds
I am left with a fragment
of who I was yesterday.

That is to say each day
we are given the chance to change
to shed what is not needed
and keep what we are destined to be.


Poem – What is Left After the Words

The slow music fades
into the background.

The thoughts and words
I am left with

feel hollow and weak,
they have lost meaning.

I throw all of the words away
in an attempt to start again

after some time has passed
and the raw emotion becomes real.

I start down the path
collecting what best

describes the turmoil and
the twisted sense of being I have become

when we hear news of another event
and we are set back, we are pushed.

We are tested and we become one.

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Poem – Origins Revisited

Burdened with questions,
begging for answers,
as a divide grows,
we walk through empty fields.

Searching the horizon for direction,
the shifting sky scatters with each breath
and when we listen to the primal unseen screams,
we lose ourselves in fear and doubt.

Broken and beat down by the present
afraid of what the future will bring,
there is hope in the past
where we all came from the stars.

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Stone Path Review

Hello everyone! Just a quick post. We are changing the name of Stone Path Review to Stone Path Review & Magazine and have a new website at http://www.stonepathmagazine.com.

We will be posting more selective and personal writings and photography and working on a redesign. More information to come.


Poem – On Our Daily Walk

On our daily walk,
we follow the same worn trails,

make the same turns,
and pass the same trees.

That pond is empty,
covered with algae.

That one is home to
busy and noisy muskrats.

So many times we have
have come this way

that I follow the dogs
as they know where to go

which trail to take
which hill to climb.

Yet this is a new day
filled with nature

and there are infinite mysteries
in each leaf and grain of sand.

2015-10-17 10.15.06

Poem – Each Day

2016-01-01 08.19.13

As my years have passed
more slowly now that I stop
sometimes to catch a deep breath
and really inhale the rising scent of pine,

I see that each day is a gift
and the time in my past cannot be changed,
and the future is always shrouded in mystery,
and I can only live in and embrace the present.

Poem – In These Times

2015-02-28 17.44.02In these times
there are more questions
than the answers we
require to move and breath.

In these times
we feel isolated,
at great distances
from the reality we see.

In these times
the human spirit
further bonds and strengthens,
we are all in this together.