The End Becomes the Beginning

On this evening of one time period giving birth to another, one cannot help but to reflect back on all that has happened, and the impact these events have on each individually and collectively.  What will the new time bring?  We will continue to suffer, again individually and collectively?  Will our spirit fight through the veil and emerge on the other side of the border, intact and stronger?

Why does a date, a mere number, mean anything at all?  The spirit, and the consciousness, have no age or physical limitations, they only have levels and states of awareness.  These events only serve to guide our being, to fill the path we make with challenges, allowing us to reach further up, and out, to reach where we came from.

Awareness enhances the field of vision, showing the intersection the physical and nonphysical have with you, and conversely how you are perceived in that reality.  Awareness can then take you beyond here, beyond this wasteland we are rebuilding.  Awareness will take you to the border kingdom as you search for the source, and answers to many questions plaguing the awakened mind.

There is no birth, only no-birth.  There is no death, only no-death.

The consciousness  swirls around the being as he walks through the field he has created, toward the border separating one kingdom from another.  A choice now to be made, based on the experiences he has gathered and keeps in a black velvet bag.  These fragments are what he has chosen to let go of physically, and allow their essence to blend and consume one another, creating and defining his awareness.

The sun will rise tomorrow, and it will set in the evening.

I see the path I have taken to get here and I vow to clean and clear the path I will take next, to avoid the carnage I have created, and the negative energy left in my wake.  To improve who we are, and how we project ourselves into this reality, a reality involving others, is the most simple and powerful thing we can do.


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