Rivers flow from a source toward some destination, often into a larger collective of water.  Some flow into and merge with other rivers, some flow to destinations we do not see, and cannot ever know, such as the Brule River falling into the Devil’s Kettle.

Time flows into time and back into itself.  Time is seemingly consistent and flowing everywhere, as we are immersed in its ever present impact on reality.  Even when time is bent , we are merely bending ourselves around it.

Time is a benchmark of distance between events of every scale, and across all realities.  Time has been assigned subjective numbers, months, and years to provide a more palatable meaning that assists in getting through each day.

Time is what make of it and the experiences wrapped within time.  Time is merely a river flowing and merging with other time.  As now is the culmination of past, present, and future, now is the center of all time.

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