There is a place of calm.  A place where what is within and without reach an equilibrium and the two sides agree to a truce.  Here the sun shines from everywhere or steps aside, allowing different shades from another palette .

I have seen this place.  I have taken a deep breath in this place.  A unnamed lake lies in the heart of an otherwise barren, rocky, and wind scoured landscape.  Heavy grey clouds only release a fine mist.  A murky plume envelops the mountain side, hanging from the low clouds, it becomes an extension of a growing veil, further isolating me from the outside, further bringing me within.  The known world shrinks and for a time I feel safe, secure, in control, calm.

I miss and long for its presence in each day.  I hope one day to learn how to bring the veil home with me, hidden in my pocket, ready to be exposed when I am in need, when the fray becomes too much.

As I write these words from a cold room overlooking an even colder morning, I realize that the veil is here now, providing a space for me to think, remember, and write.  It is a part of each day, but I often forget to stop, and allow its magic to emerge and consume what ever road-block I am facing.  No matter what I am up against, the power of that land changed me, a fraction of its mystical being merged with my DNA and to deny this, denies where I came from.  I have the power to be calm within the chaos, when I choose to be.

The Lakes Silent Greeting
The Veil
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