Finding Zen / Peace – Part 2

Each day provides 24-hours of space to fill with anything you want.  Replete with challenges, obstacles, and things beyond our control, how we adapt and respond creates the experience we take away, and sets up the state of mind and sense of being for the next space.

The most difficult aspect of a journey is those things we feel are beyond our control, or that exert an influence on ourselves in various ways: emotional, physical, financial, a person of authority preventing you from doing something or going somewhere, discrimination, etc.  All of these can block and obscure the path, or divert your attention in such a way that where you end up does not resemble the original intent.  The present becomes someone else’s design.

Driving down highway 61 past the trains and Pigs Eye Lake, I remember the train yard near main street, many, many years ago.  Open windows offering a bit of relief from morning sun already mingling with the moisture rich air.  Metal on metal echoes across the fields and finds me staring out the window, lost in the haze and existence not dependent on time.  What happened to those childhood moments free of obligations and material concerns?  What happened to curiosity of things around us?  Free to dive into the moment with a singular focus, the experience is that much richer and pervades to the core of our being.







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