Black, white snow sparkles,
blue tinged calm air
cold as we are bundled
clear sky, no clouds can be seen.

I am hiding inside a snow cave, I turn to find you and
an avalanche begins, snow and ice fall.
Time passes, I turn to find you
another avalanche begins.

I let more time pass, months, years, hiding here in the snow cave.  I turn to find you.  The avalanche begins but more intense, the fear, snow and ice careen down from the mountaintop, ice and snow filling the space that I see.

I am still in the snow cave and you are further down the slope from me, on the cliff, wherever we, the avalanche stops.  Emerging from the snow cave, there is a path upwards, toward the sky, lined on each side with snow and trees, perhaps pine.  There is a steep incline to the top of the mountain, climbing up into the sky, directly in line with the path, the full moon glows, green with slight blue tinge to the black sky, perhaps a midnight blue. There are black shadows moving on the slope, back and forth across the path.  I ask you to come see the moon – clambering up the slope, you come next me.  The full moon turns black, swirling shadows, then it turns green again, the same green as before more shadows moving back and forth across the path.

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