The Meeting

Two beings stand at the
Infinite boundary between
The sea and the fields.

To each only minutes have
Passed and the 20 years of
Silence was just yesterday
And what was still is.

Hand in hand they now watch
The sunset and its
Reflection in the azure waters.

6 thoughts on “The Meeting

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    • Robyn – I would love to do that kind of pairing. I wrote “The Meeting” after my grandmother recently passed away, heading home to be with my grandfather. What do you think of putting a watermark on your photo, and I could create a page on two of my sites with the collaboration.

      • Oh that’s a lovely idea. Such a meaningful piece given the timing in which you wrote it. Would you know how I would watermark my photo? I’m still quite new to the photography world. Can certainly ask a friend who is professional…is it a simple process? Would be honored to have my photo along side your work!

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