A place exists tucked into tall pine trees
reaching toward the empty
sky filled with Nothing.

Yielding the search for everything
I found what I was looking for.

I do not fully understand
the magic slipping through
exposed fingers and I
question why it took so long to get here,
why so many roadblocks of various
origins, and where was my strength
and resolve to clear this field.

Not so empty the mind’s field
is vast and luminous as my experience
is growing and the net of awareness I
cast years ago is finally being pulled
aboard this vessel I sail the
seven seas within.

As captain I christened this
vessel “reality” and vow to
survive the upcoming storm
on my terms, with things I carry.

Sleep has returned.

I see the tree roots vibration
and with eyes closed I feel
them overtaking my body
and I return to solitude.



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