I wonder if all 9 seasons of “Scrubs” I subjected myself too, and how I am able to replay episodes in my head on command, has pushed other important, useful information, out of my cranium?

I look around this room and have healthy reminders of things critical and vital to the path I chose to get here.  My grandmother and grandfather peacefully watch over me.

I guess in the end what I fear most, what I fear losing touch with and memories of, is the past, the experience that got me here, my roots.


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  1. Scrubs was a good and happy time. Being able to recall those episodes and make yourself smile on command is worth the storage space 🙂

  2. Spiritual storage space is unlimited – infinite William. Scrubs is definitely in a different compartment of the cranium than the precious memories you hold onto to remind you of your ‘roots’. Just nurture those memories, and they are yours forever more!

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