Review – Eve’s Daughters

The following is a review from the opening reception of Eve’s Daughters  on April 6th 2012 at Tarnish & Gold.

Deep into Northeast Minneapolis, we found ourselves in the art district looking upon the space and gallery called “Tarnish & Gold“. The opening reception for “Eve’s Daughters” brought us here on a beautiful spring evening.

Upon walking in and up the stairs, the the painting “The Light” catches, grabs, and pulls you forward into the space, while the Poem “Lake” greets you on the right and discusses home, Minnesota, water, and the seasons.

The gallery is an intimate renovated space, perfect for the collaboration between poet Wendy Brown-Baez and painter Ashely Dull. Wendy presented poetry paired with hand-woven tapestries and baskets, next to nature themed paintings by Ashley.

This unique presentation, set within white walls and dark wood floors captures the attention from many different directions and tugged at different emotions within. Each piece exposes you to raw words, emotions, and scenes such as snow falling as winter gives way to spring, or the sun bursting behind a majestic tree.

I studied each piece intently, and gave myself a couple of minutes to process and take their meaning within, to be given my own meaning, I looked at each piece from a distance, and close-up. And I found myself not wanting to leave this space.

Notable pieces include: “Zen Snow”, “Lake”, and “The Light”.

As with any work of art, it is not as important why the artist created the work or what the inspiration was, but that they left enough room for the audience to make their own interpretation. This gives the observer a chance to carry it with them long after they leave the gallery and the physical presence of the work. The showing of “Eve’s Daughters” at Tarnish and Gold, inspired and about two women in a garden and returning to paradise, accomplishes what it is supposed to.

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