Poem – Bullets in my Sky

My sky
I built
Hands bound
Tight noose

Vibrant blue
Stretching forever
My sky
I built

My life
I built
Mind controls
Thoughts forgotten

Bullet filled
Piercing blow
Shattered mirror
Glass raining

Outstretched arms
Catching pieces
Razors tearing
Shreds gone

I awake
Palms wet
Distant thoughts
Cloudy memories

Surrounding myself
White sheet
Please forgive
My sins

Minds purpose
Your essence
Pulling together
The shards

Dirty mind
Tainted thoughts
Release them
Drown them

River winds
Through valleys
Below cliffs
Awaiting me.

6 responses to “Poem – Bullets in my Sky”

  1. Really did like this William. As heavy as the content is, your format with 2 words per line and some repetition “I built” made it easy for the reader to get involved fro the onset. Intense subject, but important. Thank you so much! RL

    • This is the second re-qrite of the piece. The first I though gave too much away, so I switched to the form of two words per line. I will post the original version this weekend, and see what you think. I have a companion piece titled “Anonymous” that will make its way on here soon. As always, thank you for your thoughtful comments.

    • Thank you Jeannie, appreciate the comments and your question. It’s about looking deeper within, figuring out that the state of mind, the state of existence you are in, is within your grasp to change. It takes awareness, and the desire and true belief to want to change. And doing whatever it takes. In this case, the existence is marred, and the choices are harsh. Outstretched arms in the rain/glass and the courage and stamina it takes to survive the truth. Standing on top to the cliff and the daunting path of letting go and jumping.

      • Thanks for being kind and explaining to an old lady! So often we lack the courage to change, even when it’s necessary. I’d rather take that leap of faith than wallow in such misery as the one in this poem.

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