Return to a Previous Life

Where do passions and obsessions come from?  And, do they feed or lead one into the other?

One day I awoke with thoughts of prairies and open fields, stretching for miles, right into the setting sun casting burning red rays across the landscape.  I was not sure where this came from, and why.  Over time, the feelings and pull of the landscape continued to strengthen, and guide actions and decisions, and the way I structured my life and spent my time. Soon, an expanse of raw land and towering trees became a retreat and bunkhouse.

While walking Leroy at a local park today, we went through a section of land with restoration in progress, and I was overwhelmed with the tall grasses, purple flowers, and other flora I do not know the name of.  Butterflies, grasshoppers, and various critters ambling about, created the perfect scene, that I imagined to be of years gone by, a time machine back to the 1800s.

This only reinforces my desire to eventually retreat from the corporate life, the city of industry, to be lost within prairies, and eventually to lay down my arms, and allow the land to consume what is left of me.

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