Shift, markers and perception

There has been much talk about a shift and some big event that will shake humanity like a rag doll, until we wake up.  It is supposed to lift us from a deep sleep, bring us into the light and in front of a mirror, where we gaze at the reflection of what we are within, and how we are perceived by actions in the world at large.

I believe this shift has been taking place in smaller, sometimes less obvious ways, with signs and guideposts along the way, for the last few years.  Incrementally things have been changing directions, sometimes back into itself, before emerging in a different direction.  Sometimes we choose a new definition and start over.

There is so much anger, tension, division, and energy that has been simmering within people, that at some point it will erupt in ways we cannot imagine, if we do not start coming together as people of a common cause.  No matter how large the earth is, no matter the miles or distance between each of us, we are here together on this planet, hurtling through space.  We share the same basic needs, have similar fears, and hope for a better future.

Regardless of who you vote for, it is critical to vote.  This election represents another, larger shift, that will alter not only the US, but but the rest of the world.

Times are changing, and changing quickly.  Next month, with the various theories of the end of calendars or some big unveiling, there will be another shift in the energy that occupies us and the world as we learn and discover more about ourselves, this planet, and more importantly the surrounding energy and dark matter.  Other worlds that share the space with us, will play more prominent roles in our daily lives.

From here, it is up to each of us, to shape the world moving forward, how we interact with one another, and how we use the energy at our fingertips.

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