Now that the smoke has cleared and months of campaigning are over, it’s time to step back and figure out where we go from here.  First, I did not vote for you, but congratulations.  I mean that sincerely since there is only forward from here, and any anger and hostility must be put aside.  I do not envy the position you are in, and I certainly would not want the job, so I will apologize for judging you from afar.  But this is my country and the daily grind I must endure.

I hope the division between people and the gap, can be overcome, so we can stand side-by-side once again.  This ordeal pitted neighbor against neighbor, friend against friend, friend against foe, family against family.  What did come out of this a real passion, rooted in things that people truly believed.  Where that belief came from, the root causes do not matter as much as passion within and how it is manifested.  Unfortunately this is where both sides fell short.  Some on each side took the I am right and you are wrong approach, and did not listen, or maybe did not care what the other thought.  This never works and is never productive.  We lose sight of the important issues, and the reasons we fight in the first place.  Misplaced energy does not get anything done and leaves too much damage that can take years to fix.  Truly listening, at least giving the other person respect and an opportunity to speak their mind and opinion, resisting judgement, will only help to heal this land.

Regardless of what each candidate said, stood for, perhaps lied about, what matters most is the people of this great country swimming in pride, following their heart and passion, and voting.  But what exactly were we voting for?  What was the motivation and major influence driving each selection made upon the ballot?  My sense during this election, based on following news, social media, and talking with people, was the economy near the top, but how it is affecting the individual.  How have the new laws, the falling dollar, the deficit, the issues in China affected me?  What can be done to fix the issues that I am facing each day?  I understand how easy it is to look at the environment surrounding ourself, the bubble we sometimes live within, and ignore what is happening down the street, across a state line, or on the other side of the ocean.

And this is where the root of our current debacle stems from.  We are divided and looking out only for ourself, what can I have, what can you give to me, and not the community we live within, and the state of the country 5 , 10, 30 years down the road.  Short-term plans and fixes are only band-aids or slight veils uppn the true issues and state of emergency we are sliding toward.  We need leadership that will brings us together, so we can stand side-by-side and get real work down.  It does not matter gender, age, sexual orientation, who you are married to, your color, race, where you are from, or what political party you are affiliated with.  It only matters that we are people inhabiting the same space trying desperately to make it from today to tomorrow.

Some of course are not happy that their candidate was not elected.  I understand that.  But that it is a fact so it is time to get over it, perhaps swallow a bit of pride, turn toward your neighbor and get your hands dirty because we have a lot to get done.

Mr. President, I will not always agree with you, but I will respect the office and the job that American citizens have elected you to do.  I have my issues, struggles, and worries and hope to find a way through them with what is at hand.  On a more personal note, please bring my step-son back home safely from Afghanistan.

Peace and respect,

William R.

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