Alaska Glaciers

Back in 2007, I was fortunate to find myself kayaking in Prince William Sound, hiking in the Talkeetna Mountains, and climbing a glacier just north of Anchorage, AK.  This was my first true taste of Alaska and of glacier climbing.  I was scared to my wits end.  But after watching a few others and talking with the guide, I put my fear of heights aside, as well as a general fear of falling and embarrassing myself, and made 3 successful ascents, and of course the required descents

Over at my site are some photos of the climb.

AK-20070727-20070805 087

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  1. Those pictures are amazing!!! Would look great in frames!!!


    1. Thank you mom. That trip, in 2007, is still the best one yet to Alaska.


  2. Those photos are stunning! Alaska couldn’t be more gorgeous.


    1. Sigh… I left part of me there and have to go visit myself. Have you been to Alaska?


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