Poem – Shift in Energy Patterns

We survived the 21st and made it to northern MN, to be rewarded with Nature’s majesty.  Photos will be posted later of the sunset of the winter solstice and the guardian Orion watching over us.

We are still here
having survived the end of this
physical place.

Did I learn anything from
this warning issued across
thousands of years, cultures, and space?

We spend the evening free of clouds
the first day of a new calendar
beneath the winter solstice
baring its black sky
a thin line where it meets the
black sea and we know it is there
from the half moon, an orange/lemon
pie and the luminous Cassiopeian queen
watching over Orion, Venus, and Mars.

THe night black as the apocalyptic
words we escape from, hiding the truth
fully veiled within conspiracies, interpretation, and fear.

We emerged on the other side.

But who are we now?
Are we different people,
or different spirits, energy?
If this was a transition
what does the new space look like?
Where is the map for us to follow?
And if we have been dropped in the
middle of an un-cultivated field
what is the first task to complete?

Go within.

The path through the field, the journey
through this new age, a new period of time,
is ingrained in our fingertips.

This field I was dropped into
crosses a sea with rays
of light riding their back
to the shoreline.

Winter smoke rises as the
cold sea burns
a mystical fire free of
boundaries, cultures, thoughts,
ideals – primal, the result
of the suns power to change
the landscape and live
harmoniously with the sea.

A moment passes to gauge the direction
as the horizon is shifting with
seemingly no pattern and the colors –
I have never witnessed a palette born
from the first quantum seconds
of the universe.

Today she bares all in celebration
of a shift in the energy we live within.

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