The Presi Traverse

Awesome trip report from Ramble On, tackling the Presidential Traverse.

Ramble On

“A winter traverse of the Presidential Range is the most coveted–and riskiest–mountaineering feat in the Northeast.” – Backpacker Magazine.

Here on the East coast of the US, we do not have the towering, jagged peaks of the West or the opportunity to test our aptitude at altitude. What we do have are rugged trails and the trademark, Worst Weather in the World. Hikers seeking challenge will no doubt find it on our infamously steep trails but those seeking a true adventure need to get a little more creative. Thus, some adventure seeker had the novel idea to string the highest and most challenging peaks in the Northeast into one traverse. It is called that Presidential Traverse and spans the Presidential Range in New Hampshire. The experienced and fit hiker will generally accomplish these 20 miles and 20,000 ft of elevation change over a three-day backpack in mid-summer. The athlete…

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