A lot in the world is going on, and many events or significant milestones have passed.  Ideas and snippets pass through my mind like water, and it is difficult to choose which to fish out and write about.  What kind of tone should I take, and what, at the end of the day, do I want to leave as a message here?  An overriding principal for me, when one day ends, just before the next begins, is to be a better person, than I was the day before.

There is enough negativity and unhealthy energy circling around, and it can only be changed through communication, understanding, respect, and positivity.

As my focus turns toward mountains and ice, and the ancient knowledge they hold, so too does my writing.  I am going back to a project I started awhile ago.  Consisting of essays and poetry, it is about my understanding of and finding zen/peace in the everyday life, based on nature.  It focuses on the lessons that are free and available to anyone willing to listen, to stop for a moment, to take a deep breath.  What do we see when the I/eye is free of burden and thought, and becomes an empty vessel to be filled with water, wind, ice, bird song, waves, howling, beetles scattering, trees dancing, and mountains just sitting?

“We speak of nature, of the natural world, as if that were something distinct from ourselves and the social world we appear to have made, seldom noticing that we are in nature and never out of it…” – John Haines, “Fables and Distances”

Alaska-20100729-20100807 266
Mt. Riley, Alaska, 2010
Alaska-20100729-20100807 267
Mt. Riley, Alaska, 2010
Alaska-20100729-20100807 277
Mt. Riley, Alaska, 2010
Alaska-20100729-20100807 278
Mt. Riley, Alaska, 2010

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