Today’s music and other thoughts

Today is brought to you by the electronic/dub-step band Nero and their album “Welcome Reality”.

In effort to let my mind wander and escape for a couple of hours, I watched the movie “Expendables 2”.  Definitely nothing that would win an Oscar in any shape or form, but mind numbing action.  To much in my opinion, and pretty senseless.  This got me thinking, which is what I was trying to avoid for a bit of time.  Is it being a hypocrite to write about peace, positivity, and the universe, and still watch a movie such as this?  Will the movie, its contents, or its energy get in the way of my own journey and work?

I hope by writing about this and bringing out in the open, I can let it pass, and move forward, and get back to work.

The image below is from the movie “Fountain”.  Feeling better and more awakened already.


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