I came across this photo on Facebook and cannot help but be mesmerized by their faces and everything it symbolizes.  These are Japanese Macaque, also called Snow Monkeys.  They appear to be in a hot spring, possibly in Japan.  I find it impossible to look at this, their face, expressions, and not know we are connected in ways beyond energy and the ground we walk upon.  It is much deeper, more genetic.  We come from the same material, the same subatomic particles, from the same universal source.

The one on the left is wondering about the nature of the photographer, and their intention.  The one on the right appears slightly older, more wise, and aware of the photographer, but not concerned.  He has chosen to be aware of the situation, process the energy, and let it go.  And enjoy the hot spring.

When you see these faces, the situation, their reaction, and how they have chosen to be in that moment, how can we not see ourselves?  How can we say we are not all connected in various threads and degrees?

Photo from Milky Way Scientists.
Sunday, 27th January 2013
Snow Monkeys By Istvan



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