Changes are coming

As 2013 ages and January falls into February, I’ve decided to make some changes.  When this blog first started it was with no real direction or goals beside focusing on writing and nature.  The name The Wasteland Here is a take on T.S. Eliot and a social jab during hard socio-econimic times.

As I am finding my way through the chaos, and stepping out of the fray, I am becoming more focused, learning, and listening to what feels right.

In the near future, the name of this blog will be changed to Senzing Zen.  Along with the name change will be a new domain name – and hopefully a cool custom logo and other aesthetic changes.  This focused direction fits better with what we are trying to do with Stone Path Review.

I will continue writing, posting poems, essays, thoughts, and sharing photography from around the world, the same as now.




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