Poem – Ghosts of Adak

An island named Adak
served the military, a
distant outpost, aging,
succumbing to the
wind and the sea.

Inhabited by people clinging
to their past or starting
over they share the
land with Ghosts of Adak.


Photo and information below from: http://a-great-small-big-world.blogspot.com/2011/08/cities-between-175-west-175-east.html

Adak is the westernmost municipality in the United States and the southernmost city in Alaska.  Adak lies near the Russian end of the arc that makes up this volcanic island chain. Flight time to Anchorage is three hours or longer depending on weather.

Adak is the southern-most community in Alaska and on the same latitude as Vancouver Island in Canada, and Brussels, Belgium. Adak have a population of around 330 people.

Adak lies in the maritime climate zone, characterized by persistently overcast skies, moderated temperatures, high winds, and frequent cyclonic storms.

Adak Army installations allowed U.S. forces to mount a successful offensive against the Japanese-held islands. After the war, Adak was developed as a naval air station, playing an important role during the Cold War as a submarine surveillance center.

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