Searching and Finding

Senzing Zen_01Surrounded by Zen and Buddhism magazines, books reviews, and the latest issue of Edge Magazine, I pause for a moment. What am I looking for? Is there a concrete reason all of these words, images, advice, poems, other peoples lives, surround me? What do I take from this?

I continue my studies of Zen Master Ryokan, and in my mind compare his life and words to that of Dogen,

I write my own words of empty fields, fields covered with snow, muted suns, and distant villages and huts that no longer exist, and wonder where does this come from.

I read a quote “To live more, reach beyond yourself”, and wonder where am I reaching, and more importantly, do I know myself enough, to move or reach beyond this?

Do I swim in these texts as a barrier to finding my true self, and believing my own words? Do I fear what I may find and what I may hear, if I allow the within to surface, and break-free of the self-imposed bonds?

For now I am content with being a student and listening, becoming aware of another’s journey, and taking pieces that make sense, and constructing the person, and the life I want to live in this moment, at the time, in this reality.



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