New Music Tuesday and Peace

I am obsessed with music.  Not that I play any kind of instrument, nor can I sing or keep any type of tune.  I did play the saxophone for a few years a long time ago.  I am happy appreciating others with the passion, drive, and talent.  As I have aged, my music tastes have changed quite a bit.  I was a child of the 80s, and of course that meant metal, glam, and hair bands.  Oh, to look back now, and wonder, and laugh.

These days, dance, electronic, ambient, and classical fill my ears and bring peace and calm.  Most of the music lacks lyrics or singing, thus allowing the imagination to transport the mind and body to another world, to another time, and fill in the spaces.

But there are always times to retun to my roots, and today that is the latest release from Black Sabbath, titled “13”.  At the same time, I downloaded a release from Skuli Sverrisson, titled “Seria II”.  He is an Icelandic composer and bassist.  This album features Hidur Gudnadottir, Olof Arnalds, among others.

A special thank you to Summer for the following award.


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