Here I am in MN, when I was supposed to be in Ashford, WA. Mt. Rainier was to be the actual mountain, the manifestation of goals and purpose, and the journey to reach the top, and survey the landscape, looking for the next to overcome. It seems my physical being had other plans, and I have decided that I am a mountaineer/adventurer in a broken body.

A bit dramatic, but as time passes, and I learn to let go of this dream, and fix my sights on the next, I am learning to live, and take the obstacle filled road as it comes. I am learning with more attention and sincerity the reasons things happen, appreciate the opportunity and keep pushing ahead, into other territory, and to use and focus the energy and the experience.

So, what are the reasons for this change in plan? As I set my sights back on Alaska, and suddenly have a wealth of thoughts to write from, I think the answers were obvious this time around.

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