New Music

The past week brought the following new music and goodies into my eager ears.  I have only given each a listen or two and will spend some time trapped in the headphones.

  • NewstedHeavy Metal Music (2013)

Former Metallica bassist comes out with his first solo CD.  Why did he wait so long?!  A cross between early Metallica and Testament.

Sevendust always puts out good music that sounds about the same.  This disc is trustworthy and what you would expect. My favorite album os still Home which came out in 1999.

I found these musicians while searching for new stuff by Nero, and what a great find this was.  I’m still digesting each track, but it is fusion for music, probably considered electronic, dub-step, sometimes jazzy.

  • ModeratModerat (Deluxe Version) (2009)

See above.

Just picked this up today and have only one listen under my belt.

No words here as it is Satch, and Satch playing guitar, the way only he can play it.  Nothing fancy, no trends to follow, just rock guitar music to take you away.  He is one of the few musicians I will see live over and over again.

  • ScubaPersonality (2012)

In addition to releasing albums and DJ’ing, he puts out original electronic music, which is what this gem of a disk is.

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