New Music

Trying to keep up with all of the great music out there is a full-time job.  Staying within the electronic, dub-step, classical, hard-to-define genres, I picked up these new/newer/should-have-had a long time ago albums the past week.

Unbelievable violin set to dub-step, drums, synths, electronic background that on the surface sounds like an odd combination, but she pulls this off. I have been listening 4 or 5 times a day since downloading this. Play it loud.

  • deadmau5, album title goes here (2012), and 4×4=12 (2010)

Where has deadmau5 been all of my life? Music that takes your head and scrambles it. This is electronic.

Wow, what blend of sounds is my mind hearing? This is intense, surreal, and from somewhere not of this earth.

Brings back memories of the 90s as their sound has not changed much, and that is a good thing. Classic Soundgarden and Chris Cornell’s vocals are as great as ever.


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