Writing is a passion and a purpose, and a life long pursuit.  As such, it requires new experiences, learning, and growth each day.  The best way to grow as a writer, regardless of the genre, is to read, read, and read more.  I find much to learn from the writers of previous generations and writers of today.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I maintain all rights (including copyright) if one of my poems is published?
Answer: You retain all rights to you work. Your work is automatically copyrighted to you when it is created. We just publish it in online and in print media.

2. Does my poetry become property of the publisher?
Answer: No, the poem is always yours. We are just “borrowing” it for the time it is online or in print.

3. What type, if any, editing is done to the poetry submitted? Am I consulted about potential edits prior to publication?
Answer: Any editing that I do, will be run by you first. Examples may be grammar, spelling, a different word choice. I will ask questions about stanzas, and have sometimes suggested different organization, line-breaks, etc. However, they are your choice of course. You may decide that my suggestions are not in keeping with the flow or purpose of the poem. There have been times where I suggested a change that made a difference publishing the poem or not.

4. Is there specific criteria for what type of data is submitted for the biography portion?
Answer: For the Bio I would just looking at a couple of recent issues, and what writers used for the bio. We have no set format, but suggest including a website address, if you have one.