Glacial Perspective

I am You. We are God.

Sometimes we feel confined. Sometimes we feel trapped. For thousands of years we wait in suspension to be set free. We wait for the moment when we will drop into the beautiful silty water.  We have been forged together so tightly we have forgotten what being alone means; yet we yearn for it.

We have learned to describe our independence, but only in relation to the thick ice blocks and crevices with which we envelope. What is freedom when we have only our frozen bonds and iced seals to define it? Is the end or the beginning in sight? Life outside the icicles we cling to is drawing near. We have been trapped inside this glacier for so long that we have forgotten the solitary lifestyle. Will we ever be fully alone?  Will the feeling of separateness ever occur? Will we be alone when we melt away from our gelid…

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