Alaska 2013 – Whitewater Rafting

The main reason I returned to Alaska this year was for a new experience, and that was whitewater rafting.  Something I have never done, but I figured if you ware going to, go all out.  On September 4th, we took to the class IV and V rapids of 6-mile creek near Hope Alaska through NOVA River Runners.  Before they let you into the raft, you had to pass a swim test.  This consisted of diving into the water, swimming downstream, flipping onto your back,  feet first, and then swimming across the river, near an eddy, to the shore.

The river flows through a beautiful valley and through 3 canyons.  The sun was out and early fall was in full swing.  This was easily the best part of the trip.

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  1. I love these pictures!!!! But glad I didn’t know you were going to be doing this!!
    Proud of you for doing it!!!! Proud of everything you do and your courage to do it!!!!

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