Poem – Where is the Path?


The burning city
settles below the horizon
as evening darkens trees
and empty streets.


Lost into haze I
let go and allow instincts
to guide me through each
day, unaware of each
step and each mile that
passes, I arrive and
I leave this space.


I see black shadows
across the ceiling, in utter silence
neither of us make a move, no breath,
no physical movements,
just black air and spirit.


I look into the
mirror back at the
person I have become.
Surgical scars, greying hair,
and other signs of advancing age
or too much time on this earth,
dominate the picture and
serve to remind me of
progression, mortality, and
a hint of what lies ahead.


I peer closer and beyond
at the intricate black
lines, curves, bent, and
shaped into reminders of
the life I have led,
experiences, to guide
this path and set the stage
for the next.

5 responses to “Poem – Where is the Path?”

  1. So true, sometimes one needs to pause and look where life is taking him. The path to future is not visible yet our life takes us forward one day at a time. Awesome poem Ricci.

    • Thank you very much. I appreciate the kind words. Even if we do know or recognize the path, comfort can be taken when we realize we already set the path, as a future version of ourself. We are going the way we are supposed to be going. It is easy to get lost in the moment with doubt and uncertainty.

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