While I have been away from blogging way more than I would like, the music keeps on flowing as there is so much out there.  Found a nice treat with an Icelandic group that I had not heard of, and some other stuff.

An Indie-folk / classical band from Iceland that I heard of as a recommendation from Olafur Arnalds.  The classical elements are excellent and the singing is in English and Icelandic.  Really a great find.  I have been listening to both disks everyday since picking these up.

While watching the movie recently, I became really hooked on the music which is mostly electronic with some heavy guitars thrown in.  Providing an atmosphere that matches the gritty, no holds-barred, get-out-of-my-way action and cinematography, the music is treat, and a better experience than the movie itself.

  • Dredd – Judgment is Coming(2009)

Find this one by accident while searching for the movie soundtrack and am very happy with the electronic experience this provides.

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