It’s been awhile since I posted about new music or what has found it’s way to my eager ears.  Here is a quick list, in no particular order.  Some classic metal and mainstays in the music industry and some hard-core dubstep that rattles the brain around.

  • MobyInnocents (2013)
    A little more mellow than the previous “Destroyed” and “Wait for Me” with more singing. including Skylar Grey and Mark Lanegan.  Moby’s music is an obsession of mine as he is the only artist I will get all of the remixes and re-releases for.  Currently, my Moby collection tops the scale at 35 albums and 494 songs.
  • Megadeth
    • Super Collider (2013)
    • Rust in Peace (1990)
    • Peace Sells…But Who’s Buying? (1986)
  • TrentemollerLost (2013)
    Anders Trentemoller creates expansive soundscapes that are easy to get lost within and hours will pass before you arrive back where you started.
  • NeroWelcome Reality+ (2012)
    • A re-issue of Welcome Reality with bonus tracks.
  • SepulturaKairos (2011)
    This is probably my second favorite of their albums, with “Roots” being first. Their new album comes out next week titled “The Mediator Between Head and Hands Must Be The Heart”.  Awesome title that almost seems the opposite of a Brazilian thrash metal band.  When I need something that just gets the body and mind going, that gets you through an intense workout, Sepultura is where I turn.
  • Pearl JamLightning Bolt (2013)
    • It’s Pearl Jam.  Not much more to say!
  • TriviumVengeance Falls (2013)
  • Blackburner
      • Drop Bass Not Bombs (2013)
      • Bass Warning! (2013)

    Has become my favorite dub-step band, on par with Skrillex.


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