Poem – Fall, Minnesota

The cold morning greets
weary eyes with

a faint glowing horizon
the moon, and Orion’s stoic stance.

A northern Minnesota sunrise
across the corn fields.

Each stalk blazing orange
as the wind scatters fallen

leaves, milkweed seeds, and
yesterdays newspaper.

Ravens are waiting atop
the whispering pine trees.

The frosty ground crunches
as head into the woods.

8 thoughts on “Poem – Fall, Minnesota

  1. I like the last two line ” The frosty ground crunches as head into the woods.” it implies that the path was walking itself! I could even read thus ” The frosty ground crunches as it heads into the woods. Irritatedly kicking the leaves out of his way, ignoring their grumbling! Suddenly stooping to retrieve one of the newspapers blowing across his path, sighing deeply he continued on his way mumbling those darn, darn humans!

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