Poem – Black Wolf

In dreams the black wolf
enters the room and I sleep
while it quietly cirlces the bed

I awake in sweat and tears and
while the room is empty I smell
what left, what circled, and I know
he visited. Again.



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  1. are you using a simile for depression!! I ask because the wolf reminds me of the black dog that sometimes visits me. I do hope it is not connected and just a poem that is circling around your head!!

    • It was not a conscious simile, and I love hearing your interpretation of the poem. It is a couple of stanzas of a little bit longer piece, that needs more work. I thought this one stood nicely on its own. Part of the inspiration came form the movie “The Grey”. And in a larger context, what do we fear, what is following, what is primal and to what extent do we change to deal with it.

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