Dreaming, Alaskan sunshine

It’s been 3-months since I reluctantly returned home from Alaska.  Which is slowly becoming a second home.  Not just physically, but within my heart, soul, and mind.  The sun rising over mountains, setting behind triangular peaks, and glacial lakes surrounded by boulders, has wrapped around every thought I have and tries to influence every action.  I miss nothing specifically – but I miss being there, being in Alaska, being away from the concrete city.

Who knows where life’s path will take me, or if the decisions I make will lead back to Fairbanks, Anchorage, Palmer, or Hope.

When I look at where I am from a distance, trying to view myself as an outsider, where is this being most at peace?  What placates the rampant thoughts and veins running hot with caffeine?  Alaska.

As I enter the eight chapter of this life, and know there are a few more to go before I pass to the next, I feel that Alaska is not done with me yet.  She has much to show and to teach me, and I am the eager student of the land of sun, water, ice, and wilderness.

Alaska, Hatcher's Pass

Alaska, Hatcher’s Pass

One thought on “Dreaming, Alaskan sunshine

  1. Beautiful as it is , be careful what you wish for. Human nature is so fickle as soon as you get what you think you need or want you start to hanker over the next thing or worse what you think you had!! Hugs!! xxxxx

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