Poem – Deconstructed, part 3 (Fracture 12)

Have we met before? Perhaps on a distant planet, on the other side of the known universe.

White and gold petals scattered through the void we cannot see, while consuming everything we do see.

I stand within light on a floating island. The willow tree comforts me on the long journey from planet to planet, looking for you, whose voice I can hear as a vibration, but the source is not visible.

Are you her, the angelic tone that pushes away transgressions and thoughts of fire and puts to rest questions returning no answers?

I reach across the dark matter through space in time searching for the light and the vibration I feel from you from far reaching places and spaces.

The day had no beginning, no end. The sun and moon do not exist. A void in the universe that has no explanation, an origin that escapes us.

Spheres and prisms suspended within the blackness are floating in the distance, displaying unfamiliar images and scenes from a path, a river and a great race.

And I move forward, toward the spheres, a chance meeting with a source and free spirit existing beyond the bonds.

Energy buzzes through fingertips, veins vibrate against bone, and my spine is loose.

The central fire burns, expands, and races outward, depositing dust particles and ingredients for life.

When my eyes close and the light subsides, clarity arrives knocking on the inner soul, the mind’s eye scanning across distant horizons. Within are the answers we seek, the light source that shines forth igniting the tunnel, expanding the vision before us.

The purple sun rises twice each day awakening weary eyes and mind.

And within the awakening billions of years pass and I see the one cross-legged suspended, held by hands of light, waiting.

The Fountain
Image from http://media.theiapolis.com/d4-i1UKW-k4-l1V3X/the-fountain.html

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