Poem – Reflection

The calendar turns
an arbitrary delineation
time passing one numbered year to another.

Moving through and beyond
this system of numerals
the flow becomes more
chaotic, less understood,
more beautiful.

When the meaning is removed
when each layer is peeled away
we find inside everything we
hope for, everything we dream of,
everything we can be.

Out there we see galaxies,
stars, planets through
the telescopes eye, distances
marked by light-years, and the
concept of time murky and fuzzy.

Deep down things gather
and expand, push and pull
creating the matter, the
parts of everything, in
infinite patterns.

That we see out there
is a reflection of ourself.
Can you see your face, your eyes,
your consciousness in the constellations
or a nebula?

Omega Nebula
Omega Nebula

6 responses to “Poem – Reflection”

    • Thank you so much for sharing this. Ravens are a fascinating and intelligent creature. I have been blessed on two occasions where a raven was circling above me and kept going lower until finally it swooped over my head, and all I heard was the flapping of its wings.

      Here is to a more respectful and compassionate 2014.

  1. WOW! simply awesome. In the bigger scheme of things what does a year matter. Restraint of the concept of time always bothers me. But I guess life will become chaotic if things around us are not organized. I agree with you that things which are chaotic and are not understood fully are beautiful. Why always look for meaning in everything, why not let life flow as Nature intends it to flow. Nature is awesome, and we are part of it. Lovely post my friend. Happy New Year to you. Take care and God bless.

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