Winter’s Message

Within the depth of winter, there is a message.  As 2013 comes to a close, we look back and look forward.  What can we do to better ourself as an individual and within the community we all are part of to some degree?

Winter has blanketed the land and trees with her white wonder.  The land gives in quietly and silently. Peace and stillness dominate everything you see or hear, and in this moment, the body and mind become unsettled, disconnected from the chaos, fray, and suffocating energy they have become used to. Forced from what is known, we are thrown into another world not far physically, but worlds apart emotionally and spiritually.

The raven caws from the distance, circling high above the tree-tops, searching for a meal, or keeping an eye on the human making snow angels.

Photos are from The Retreat, taken on 12/28/13.

7 responses to “Winter’s Message”

  1. The time I spent in Alaska I would run on frozen new years days. The only other living organism was the Raven. The black large bird would fly near me, as if to wonder who would dare be out in such weather other than the boldness of himself. I would smile as the permafrost collected on my baklava, watching him/her play ‘frog’ where he would go ahead and watch me pass, then fly over as to say, he was still the champion. He/she would do this I suppose until boredom set in and then off he would go to places only scientist study in trying to figure out the obscure lifestyle as they disappear in spring. It would be then I would look forward to the next winter if not to just watch, to see if they were going to show up, to show off.

    Thank you for this posting, I loved the photos as well. Happy 2014 and may blessings be on you and yours.

  2. Great observations and lovely photos of winter. It does take time for us to get used to the change of season. Let’s hope we keep our spirits high in this winter of 2014. Happy new year to you. Take care and God bless.

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