Poem – Random Thoughts #2

Oak holds up the changing sky.

What is beyond insanity?
At what point do we lose
the essence of self, cascading
into another state of being,
plunged into the darkness
that is nothing and

And with each turn
the city of industry
hides, changes, destroys
what I previously knew
and where I came from.

5 thoughts on “Poem – Random Thoughts #2

  1. I really like this – the opening imagery, especially. It gave me an almost childlike perspective with imagining the oak holding up the sky. And really, once we lose our youthful perspective, isn’t that edging towards insanity just a little? I often think so. Fantastic work, William.

    • Thank you Rachel. I wish I had gotten a photo that really captured that oak. It will forever be in my mind, the way trees really hold the earth and the sky together. Been busy on other projects, that I only get snippets of thoughts and writing here and there. These are from the past couple of weeks and really seem appropriate.

      • My pleasure. There was an old oak next to my grandmother’s house when I was younger, and that tree was everything to us kids: meeting post, rest stop, base for tag. Nothing seemed larger than that tree. Oaks are just amazing.

        Anywho, snippet or not, they’re great thoughts and I’m glad you shared them.

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